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Imagination: The Only Reality Worth Pursuing - Every Note a Journey, Every Page an Adventure

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Check out my novels: Sci Fi, Celtic Mythology and Irish Thrillers in the Book section.


A unique blend of contemporary classical, Celtic and techno. See the Music section for details.

Sound Healing

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Who am I......?

I am an Irish Independent Multi-Dimensional Creative, bringing you a unique reading experience,
blending novels with a composed and unique soundtrack.

My promise to you is a brief respite from the daily stresses,whisking you away on an action-packed, page-turning,
rule-bending adventure, from the safety of your armchair.

Books and music have always been the means to escape into new and different worlds,

and  I create a doorway, a portal into those other dimensions…

I am a creator of worlds, weaver of words and sounds. I am a journey maker, and a journey taker. 

I am a tour operator to the world of Imagination…The only reality worth pursuing

See you on the other side...

(not as brooding as the Dark Side... and we have books, music and loads of coffee)

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