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Welcome - Tá fáilte romhat

To Elaine Nolan Writes ...

Who am I......?

I am an Irish Independent Multi-Dimensional Creative, bringing you a unique reading experience,

blending novels with a composed and unique soundtrack.

My promise to you is a brief respite from the daily stresses, whisking you away on an action-packed, page-turning,

rule-bending adventure, from the safety of your armchair.

Books and music have always been the means to escape into new and different worlds,

and I create a doorway, a portal into those other dimensions…

I am a creator of worlds, weaver of words and sounds. I am a journey maker, and a journey taker.

I am a tour operator to the world of Imagination…The only reality worth pursuing

What's Happening in 2023?

September 2022 I made the mental decision to return to college part time and studying an Honours Law degree?

After my 1st year, have I regretted my decision?

Only when assignments where due.... but it has impacted the creative side.... Now, that's not to say there isn't music to be released....

This has given me the opportunity to follow on from the 10th Anniversary Debut concert remixes and revisit some compositions also from that time that never made it to airtime or official release....

I think you'll like the end results

And yes.... another book in the works for release in December 2023


Upcoming Releases 2023

Pre-Save links available on title

FRI - 5th October

FRI - 20th October

FRI - 3rd November

FRI - 17th November

FRI - 1st December

What happened in 2022?


Human trafficking is a dangerous business

Sequel to Crossing Lives

- Novel and Soundtrack -

Released 27th May 2022


022 Album Release - 28th January

The long awaited follow-up to To Sleep Beneath the Stars

ENchanted: A meditative journey

10th Anniversary of the 40 From Now Debut Concert

As part of the 10th Anniversary in 2022, I remixed and remastered most of the works performed at the debut concert, with choral works remixed as orchestral/chamber orchestra.

Where would you like to go today?


Check out my novels: Sci Fi, Celtic Mythology and Irish Thrillers in the Book section.


A unique blend of contemporary classical, Celtic and techno. See the Music section for details.

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