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Red Hot Summer

Published 2015

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When two security boxes come to light, 29-year old reclusive software developer and entrepreneur, Leigh Harte, has her world turned upside down when the contents reveal her late father’s duplicitous life. It’s a world she delves into, with dire consequences.

Across the world, the United States is suffering from environmental and economic disasters and upheavals, and negotiations with Europe have resulted in a visa scheme to allow US citizens translocate to Europe.

Plunged into her father’s world of intrigue and espionage, Leigh is set on a path to avenge her parent’s deaths, using a newly introduced visa scheme to ensnare the man she’s been told is responsible, Karl Gouderhoff.

However, after a bomb attack, resulting in the death of one of the negotiating Senators, US Agent Jake Mann is sent in pursuit of Gouderhoff, the man suspected to be behind the bombing, but Jake also has his own historical vendetta against the man.

All three lives, Leigh, Karl and Jake were connected in the past, and are now set on a collision course.

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Intrigue, Espionage, Canada and Mexico shoring their borders against American migration, American terrorists blowing up embassies, BDS&M (but not TOO much)…

This book has it all!

But what REALLY sets this book apart from every other novel I’ve ever read is the soundscape that comes along with it. Elaine creates beautiful audio orchestrations that enhance the reading experience profoundly. It’s like the difference between a cathode ray tube TV and IMAX!

Carlos Castillo - Musicpreneur -Schwilly Family Musicians

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