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Evolved 2.0:Vortex

Published 2017

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In the midst of mayhem and chaos Jada Kai has been set free from the confines of the stasis chamber, rescued by those like her, with the same abilities, and who would use her to bring about their new world order.

Jarred Karins intends to unite his offspring and use their combined abilities once more to set in motion a world-changing event. However, his plans are hindered by the one person he needs the most; Jada, as his youngest child continues to defy him, inexplicably escaping his clutches. In this game of capture and escape, Jada is once again faced with the potential destruction of the world, and she alone must face the man who made her.

While in the stasis chamber she learned many things, connecting with the Universe, learning its secrets, but it didn’t prepare her for meeting an older version of herself, a version with the ability to bend time, and who has been tweaking events behind the scenes along her timeline in an ongoing effort to hinder Karins. Her older self teaches her how to control her abilities, to use them, but will it be enough to stop Karins in time?

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