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Collaboration Project 2020 - Elwira Bernaciak

Collaboration Project Number 2 of 2020.

This is the second collaboration arts project of 2020 and was to have been held in the Carlow Museum during the Carlow Arts Festival.

The arts festival and all the auxillary exhibitions were cancelled due to Covid19, but the collaboration project has been released online instead.

About Elwira Bernaciak

Elwira was born and raised in Poland, and came to Ireland in 2005. In 20178 she received her Irish citizenship and became and Irish artist living in Carlow town.

In March 2015, Elwira registered her art company BElwiraArtCrafts and became a tutor for relaxing art workshops in Carlow.

Since then, her artistic activity has developed intensively and has her art presented at various shows, festivals and exhibitions.


from 2017 - 2020

Video 1 - Viva - Opera Singer Mirjam Mesak

Video 2 - In Secret

Video 3 - Eternity

Video 4 - Sisters

Video 5 - Mrs Johnes

Video 6 - Escape

Video 7 - Survive

Video 8 - Twisted Thoughts

Video 9 - Look at Happiness

Video 10 - Revival

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