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"[Nolan] ... impressed with a strong melodic content as some work can be atonal or dissonantly different like the urgent Michael Nyman compositions."

- Munster Express -


2023 Releases

FRI - 18th August

There's Always Something Better

FRI - 4th August

Goodbye to Old Friends

FRI - 21st July

Just Passing the Time

FRI - 7th July

The Bewitching II

FRI - 16th June

The Lost Lullaby

FRI - 2nd June

A Celtic Lullaby

FRI - 19th May

Pertingens Edenis

FRI - 5th May

Fire. Spark. Universe.

FRI - 21st April

Agnus Dei: Immortalitatem Expectat &

The Long Farewell

FRI - 6th April

Memory of a Memory

FRI - 24th March

I'd Like a Day

FRI - 3rd March

By Request &

Extended, By Request

FRI - 21st February


2022 Releases

10th Anniversary Debut Concert Remix

Late, One Night


(Finding the Dream)

Miserere Mei

O Deus, Ego Amo Te

In Silva Omnis Liberatur

(In the Forest We Are Free)

Non Nobis

Collaboration with Carlow Photographic Society - 2020

As part of the intended 2020 Carlow Arts Festival, to have been held 1st week of June,

23 photographers from the Carlow Photographic Society submitted 5 images each on the theme of

"Inner Exposure - The Unsung Song Within".

The arts festival was cancelled due to Covid19,

but the collaboration project continued on, opting for an online expo instead.

To see more of the Carlow Photographic Society's

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