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Carlow Photographic Society

The Carlow Photographic Society was founded in 2003 by current honorary member Charley Callinan and past member Stephen Nolan, both of whom were former Tallaght Photographic Society members.

On moving to Carlow they decided to pop an advert in the paper to see if others would be interested in meeting weekly for interacting and developing their photographic skills with like minded people.

Since then the club has grown from strenght to strength and it hasn't looked back.

We are a group of people who are passionate about photography. We enjoy sharing knowledge and experiences while encouraging each other to continuously develop our photographic skills.

Collaboration Project 2020

As part of the intended 2020 Carlow Arts Festival,(to have been held 1st week of June), 24 photographers from the Carlow Photographic Society submitted 5 images each on the theme of

"Inner Exposure - The Unsung Song Within".

The arts festival was cancelled due to Covid19, but the collaboration project continued on,

opting for an online expo instead.

Participating Photographers

Click on the Photographer's name for the Youtube version or scroll down for a smaller version...

Video 1 -

Alphonsus McCarron

Video 2 -

Alan McAssey

Video 3 -

Joe Rattigan

Video 4 -

Margaret Walsh

Video 5 -

Inese Auzina

Video 6 -

Ken Hayes

Video 7 -

David Lawlor

Video 8 -

Michael Blade

Video 9 -

Marie Doyle

Video 10 -

Jarlath Judge

Video 11 -

Nuala Grogan

Video 12 -

Viesturs Jankovsky

Video 13 -

David Dowling

Video 14 -

Richard Smyth

Video 15 -

Regina Fitzgerald

Video 16 -

PL Curran

Video 17 -

Patricia Moore

Video 18 -

Michael Kinsella

Video 19 -

Gilbert Smyth

Video 20 -

Helen Forbes

Video 21 -

Willie McCann

Video 22 -

Cepta Burke

Video 23 -

Sabrina Dunny

Video 24 -

Maria Martin

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