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Human trafficking is a dangerous business...

...especially if you are the cop putting your life on the line to bring traffickers to justice.

Detective Garda Claire Ravenwood’s life is in danger again. This time it’s personal.

Returning to Europol from her latest successful mission, Claire reunites with her colleagues from the Irish police force. The same people who suspected she was a dirty cop while on an earlier mission with them.

She also reunites with her lover from that time, the acclaimed actor Jackson Logue. She abandoned him when she disappeared to embark on her more recent operation. Suggesting he use his global position to do good, he is now the voice for Europol’s anti-trafficking unit.

But trouble comes as a drive-by shooting targets the Irish team, injuring one. Europol receives another, more direct threat targeting Claire and Jackson. For her safety she’s sent home, Jackson going with her, determined to not allow her to disappear on him again.

Returning to the Garda Corps, she finds her options limited when her new supervisor, who’d also suspected her of being dirty, refuses to let her back on the team, citing safety concerns for his unit. Feeling adrift, Claire questions her career choices and fight in an unending and unwinnable battle. She returns to her childhood home place, allowing Jackson into that hidden part of her life.

If she thinks she’s safe there, she’s mistaken. The trafficker, the target of their now postponed next mission, needs to eliminate her because of the threat she poses to his operations and the organisation he works for, The Conglomerate, who will terminate him if he doesn’t. She’s shot at again on the town’s main street.

While receiving treatment in hospital, Jackson is now the target, but his meticulous movie preparations and her advice save him. But the location of her home is secret. The only person with that information is another cop, meaning the Gardaí still have a dirty cop in their midst. It’s now a race to find that cop before the trafficker finds and kills Claire and Jackson.

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