Elaine Nolan

Imagination: The only reality worth pursuing

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29th March, 2018
International Piano Day

In aid of Shine Discovery Mental Health Service,

Tá fáilte romhat....

Books and music have always been the means to escape into new and different worlds. The seeds sown by words and notes evolved and gave birth to other worlds, and those are the ones I write.

If something I write can help just one other little lost and lonely girl find some where to escape to from the harsh realities of the world, then my work has just begun… because everyone needs to escape from time to time. I want to provide a doorway, a portal into those other dimensions…


So this is me, tour operator to the world of Imagination…

The only reality worth pursuing

I am a creator of worlds, weaver of words and sounds. I am a journey maker, and a journey taker.  Why not travel along the path with me a while...

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