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December 2016 - A return to the tangent...

If nothing else, 2016 has been an educational year, with Level 3 Sound Healing completed, a distinction achieved in the ITEC Anatomy and Physiology diploma, as well as additional diplomas in Sound Healing, Shamanic Energy Healing and Body Love. Two more diploma courses are in progress, Social Media Marketing and Meditation.... Results hopefully in the New Year...

From the Liffey Champion - A Rebel's Heart Write up

April 2016 - A Rebel's Heart - 1916 Centenary Concert

As part of Kildare County Council's Decade of Commemoration, the premiere of "A Rebel's Heart" - a 1916 Commemoration Concert was held in St Mary's Church, Maynooth, Co Kildare

February 2016 & March - A totally new tangent......

Just completed the Sound Healing Practitioner Level 1 & Level 2 with Ollie Plunkett of Golden Egg Holistic

Level 3 shortly.....

After I complete (and pass the exam for) Anatomy & Physiology

(Told you it was a tangent)

June 2015 - Red Hot Summer

The latest novel was released on the 10th June with a launch party in Ewings, and interview by Claire NcNeill for Irish TV's Carlow Matters, which you can watch in the link below (I'm about 17 mins in....)

April 2015 - Apotheosis

A new 4 movement orchestral work, due for release mid-April

30th September, 2014 - What an awesome weekend at SAW festival.... The 6th movement from the recently premièred The Round Towers was part of the winning maze instillation with the Waterford School of Architecture, well done to the students, Henry, Aisling et al...


Click for Author Blog Interview with Mj Rain

Recent Events

from L-R:

Sarah Darlington, Choral Director, St Mary's Choir

Claire Condron, Musical Director, Liffey Valley Orchestra

Elaine Nolan, Composer

Miriam Power, Photographer

A huge thank you to the Orchestra and the Choir for all the hard work over the past few weeks and months.

Well done to Miriam for the slide-show and travelling the length and breadth of the country.

And finally, thank you to every one who was there, for your appreciation and encouraging words.


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