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Of Heroes and Kings

Published 2014

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Rían Breasel is an award winning Irish investigative journalist, unaware of her ancient royal bloodline, that she is a descendant from the last Ard Rí of Ireland.

Seth Morand is an American Businessman now residing in Ireland but who’s hidden his ancient Celtic connection from the world, that he is the descendant of Cúchulainn, Ireland’s greatest hero.

Brehon McCormac is a Druid of an ancient Celtic order, protector of the Ard Rí’s bloodline and Seth’s mentor. However, over the course of several rituals, he has returned the spirit of Cúchulainn within Seth.

Conor Uí Neill is an Ulster Businessman, a descendant of Conchobar MacNessa and convinced of his right to inherit the title of Ard Rí.

In a series of contrived introductions and meetings by Morand and McCormac, Rían is pulled back into a world she thought she’d left behind her. She refuses to acknowledge her heritage and royal bloodline when it’s revealed to her by the old man, but he will not let her go so easily.

McCormac restores Cúchulainn’s spirit within Seth and sets him in the role of Rían’s protector until she can be convinced otherwise. Despite the old man’s warning not to do so, Seth falls for Rían and upon discovering Seth’s role and connection in this she eventually agrees to go along with the old man’s seemingly insane plan, if only to prove him wrong and have him leave her alone forever.

It doesn’t go according to plan for Rían, or Seth. Not only does the ancient coronation stone, the Lía Fáil, located on the Hill of Tara, proclaim her as Ard Rí, the old man also returns within her the spirit of one of the greatest, most powerful, most feared Celtic Goddesses; The Mórrígan, who is also Cúchulainn’s greatest nemesis.

Having ignored warnings, feeling abused and used, and tricked into completing the final part of the ceremony to restore the Mórrígan to this world, Seth flees the scene, only to find himself ensnared by Conor Uí Neill in a Gessa or curse, one that binds Cúchulainn back to his ancient Ulster roots and an unexpected family reunion.

Conor contests the High Kingship and uses Seth as his Champion under the ancient rules of battle, that of single combat by champions, setting Seth up to face the women he both loves and hates.

Meanwhile, Rían has not surrendered her spirit to the Mórrígan, who has also been reunited with the remaining Goddess of the Triune, Nemain and Badh.

Faced with overwhelming opposition, the Mórrígan, with Rían’s cooperation, must fight for their continued survival and the survival of all the ancient Celtic worlds.

Of Heroes and Kings is an urban fantasy, intertwining Celtic mythology with the modern world, setting ancient enemies on a collision course.

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