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Sound Mind and Body

Sound Healing Practitioner

CMA & ITEC Certified

Your Questions Answered....

What is a Sound Healing Session?

Sound Healing is a form of Sound Therapy, and is experienced one-to-one with a trained and qualified Practitioner. It is also known as Vibrational Therapy as the sound bowls are placed on the body as well as around.

What can I expect during a Sound Healing Session?

We start with a conversation about your general health and any health issues or injuries. This is an important part of the process as the vibrations from the bowls may trigger or aggravate old injuries.

If there are any specific areas you would like/need attention to, this is also discussed, and we will agree upon a treatment plan for the session.

What do I have to do during a Sound Healing Session?

Your part is the easy one.... Simply lie back and allow the bowls to work their magic. Depending on the Session's Treatment Plan, I may need you to turn over. It is also important to let me know of any discomfort you experience during the session.

Where can I go for my Sound Healing Session?

If you live in the Carlow, Laois, Kilkenny or South Kildare areas, I travel to you and give you your Sound Healing Session in the comfort of your home.

When are Sound Healing Sessions Available from?

Availability for a Sound Healing Session is Thursday or Friday Evenings (after 5pm) or Saturdays.

How long is a Sound Healing Session?

A typical Sound Healing Session takes about 1hr 30 minutes.

How much is a Sound Healing Session?

A private Sound Healing Session is €60.

Booking Form

A new Booking form for private sessions is coming soon.

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